Individual photos can be purchased and downloaded directly from this page by using the cart and checkout option. Payment is via credit card or PayPal.

As racing can be expensive, we also offer discounts for more than 4 photos, single event raceday pre-orders, season orders, or multiple siblings within the same family.  Please contact us through facebook messenger, email or 0407 966 928 for more information.

General pricing and usage:

Single photos $5 (digital, original resolution, no watermark or logo). Free for you to use  and share for your own non-commercial purposes. Event packs $20 for 5 digital photos. Event packs contain a minimum of 5 photos, but may contain 10 or more, circumstances permitting.

Pre-ordering event packs will greatly increase the chance of a higher number of quality photos. Payment by event packs is not through this website, so please contact us directly.

Pricing is different for commercial use (including instagram reposts) so please contact us.

Photo security and sharing:

Photos posted to facebook by Hammer Photography are free for re-use, downloading and sharing for personal, non-commercial use. Photos posted on this website are watermarked and have other security applied to them for the benefit our our customers. All watermarked are removed as part of the purchasing / cart check-out process.

For purchased photos, riders are provided a secure private link "for their eyes only" that allows the full resolution, non-watermarked photo to be be downloaded. On request, private links can also be set up for riders to view photo bundles before purchase.

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